On Magic

2020 was the year that broke the bounds of reality. In reaction to these uncertain moments, we seek answers to what makes the most sense to us. Inspired by our growing desire for escapism, we created a photo series exploring the theme of magic. During the midst of the lockdown, we asked the youth to express the closest thing for them to real magic.

Amer:  For me, real magic is when I drive outside the city at night and see the milky way with just my eyes. It’s cool. It feels magical and surreal almost that it’s just out there.

Cameron:  Magic for me is just the natural course of life. It’s something that I started to appreciate a bit more recently. I feel as though whatever you put out returns to you and things just have a way of working out. There’s no real way to explain it but it feels like magic to me.

Celeste:  For me... it’s dreams. When you wake up in the morning and you remember what your dream was. Even if it was bad or good. It’s deep in your subconscious. It’s your desires and your fears at the same time. That’s magic to me.

Emma:  I used to be a big weed smoker. I got high at night when I was about to fall asleep. As I was drifting away, I would project space and stars on my ceiling and It was just so nice. I had vivid dreams till the morning almost every night. When you’re isolated inside, you tend to have a lot of vivid dreams. I had visions and memories from my childhood. I was playing in my grandma’s garden. I could hear people and that was cool.
Ethan:  Have you listened to Astroworld? No, maybe? By Travis Scott? I was first introduced to his album when it first came out. I was visiting my family back home in Newfoundland, which is like a lot of water and lands. When I listen to Astroworld, I feel like I'm at peace and one with everything. I reminisce. That whole album is magical for me.

Mackenzie:  For me, the closest thing is making, producing a song, a body of music that can make you feel something in your core. And even make you dance.
Rosie:  For me, the closest thing to magic. Is when you love someone. Friends or lovers, and you feel you can trust that person, that's the closest thing to magic
Teiki:  So for me, real magic is when I’m able to play the piano and forget what my hands are doing. And just let the music play itself.
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